BGSU Lacrosse is a competitive non-varsity club team playing for the Bowling Green State University. Our organization is self-sufficient, receiving limited funding from the university. We¬† rely primarily on player dues. We welcome players of all talent levels. We encourage any student interested in the game of lacrosse to come check us out. If you don’t have your own equipment we can make arrangements. Any inquiries or questions can be emailed to us on our contact page.

We do not cut players or hold try-outs, but we emphasize the fact that being a competitive team requires putting our best players on the field. That being said, we try our best to accommodate everyone, holding the integrity of the team as our first priority.

Our reliance on players to carry us on the field, we also expect our players to step into roles based on seniority off the field. Our club is completely self governed. Each year new players are expected to move into new positions and responsibilities to ensure the success of our program.

In the past the team has taken at least one spring and fall trip somewhere in the Midwest. While this is not guaranteed from year to year, we do like to take our talents on the road when possible.

Our continuing passion for the game of lacrosse is the foundation for the BGSU lacrosse team. We live and breathe the sport that we have chosen to play and are proud of the path that got us here.